12 Days of Christmas...or should we say
12 Reasons to SELL with The Korn Team During the Holidays!

News Flash: Between 12/22 & 12/23, 2016
The Korn Team Received FIVE Offers and have 3 of those under contract on 12/22 and 2 more we will put together ON Christmas Eve, today.

That is FIVE Homes SOLD for top dollar two days before Christmas. Waiting till Spring is a costly choice






The Korn Team has SOLD over 250 homes during the Fall Months. View Korn Team Nov-Mar Listings Sold in a full screen map

We've been covering that twelve days of Christmas or have we been covering the twelve reasons to sell your house during the holidays? There are many reasons why you should sell your home now vs waiting till spring. Check out the following video clips. Remember, these tips are to help you, the home owner get the most equity possible when you do sell.

This is a recap of 12 reasons why selling your house during the holidays is the best thing you can do 

On the First Day of Christmas  
My True Love gave to me.....By selling your house during the holidays you give yourself the opportunity to buy your new house in a Spring market without worrying. When there are more houses on the market that will drive prices down or you will have more competition because the buyers will have more homes to chose from. By listing now and sell your house during the holidays you are able to come into that Spring Market as a non-contingent buyer. So, you can sell for the most now, and if you delay the closing a couple month. Ttypically 45-60 days, but you can go 90 days if the buyer can make it work... you will get the advantage of less inventory now and higher price and more inventory in 90-120 days and have more leverage for negotiating.

On the Second Day of Christmas
You can sell your house now and ask for a delayed closing or we can ask for an extended possession to take place next year.

On the Third Day of Christmas 
When you're on the market during the holidays you can actually restrict your showings during the five, six or seven days on around the holidays. Rather than miss a buyer during this time of year, just put a restriction on a few days.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas 
Traditionally, most new jobs start in January. What that means is buyers can't wait till Spring for their transfer. They are going to buy now, and you want ot be on the market for the brand new jobs in January.

On the Fifth Day of Christmas
There are buyers that buy real estate for Tax Reasons. They have to do something before the end of the year.

On the Sixth Day of Christmas
The reality is, people just have more time to look at homes during the holidays. They have more time off from  work  and they have family in town around the holidays. That gives them more time to go out looking at houses.

On the Seventh Day of Christmas 
Buyers are more emotional during the Holiday and that will give you a better chance for them to fall in love with their dream home and that can get you more money for your property.

On the Eight Day of Christmas
The truth is homes show better during the Holiday Season. When you have your home decorated  and staged for the holidays it just shows better

On the Ninth Day of Christmas
This is one of my favorite reasons. There is just a lower supply of homes available. Economics 101 teaches us that when there is a low supply, prices go up and because there are less homes to see, and they are planning a move, there is a better chance your house will get picked and they might pay more for it as well.

On the Tenth Day of Christmas 
Because there is a lower supply of homes available, the buyers our looking during the holidays will be more serious buyers.

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas
If they are looking at homes during the Holidays they ARE serious buyers. You will get more serious buyers and not very many (if any) tire kickers and decorating idea-getters.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas 
The Korn Team has been selling real estate for over 24 years and have sold over 2,500 homes. During the Holiday Season the Korn Team has sold over 250 properties between November and March. There has been over 2,000 properties sell just during the month of December. Who says homes don't sell during the Holiday Season? Over 10,000 Buyers are buying homes during the Holiday months in KC and the Korn Team is helping Seller's take advantage of the lower inventory, more motivated buyers and putting more equity in their pocket. Contact the Korn Team today to find out how you can sell your property for TOP Dollar and even get your new home at an incredible value. You can find all our contact information at www.kornteam.com or contact us directly at 816-224-KORN (5676) for a FREE, no cost, no obligation Broker's price opinion and marketing strategy for your property. You can also send us your information online at http://wesellkansascity.kwrealty.com/sell/

Happy Holidays from The Korn Team
We sincerely appreciate everyone that has entrusted us with their biggest asset (their equity).

Brad & Sonya Korn and The Korn Team
(816) 224-KORN (5676)